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You have reached the home, homepage of Matthew Kiwala. I am a photographer, who has also been working with digital imaging for several years now. My first image was from White Sands and I retouched a huge moon into it. I did it on a '286-10 with a whopping 5 megs of RAM. Shall I mention that it took three days? Nowadays I'm working with a Pentium 133 and 64 megs of RAM. Yep! I've fallen behind the times again, but never fear! I'm working on an old Sun case, soon to house a Pentium II with lots of hard drive space!
This page is NOT under construction. It IS in a constant state of flux however. Come back occasionally, it'll look different.

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1976 Ducati

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Design pattern

I keep photographing this Absolut bottle!

Image of an Absolut bottle

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Dragon image

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